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THE ARTISTIC JURY - THE CRITERIA The artistic jury is made up of a musician, Teiva LC, and the director of the Polynesian Conservatory of Art.

1) - Emotional transmission. What is it all about? Scored out of 10

It's not easy to describe in concrete terms what we mean by "emotional transmission".

For the spectator, it's the emotion they feel, or don't feel, when watching a dance.

For the dancer, it means transmitting an emotional state while dancing.

To put it simply:

* You watch Miss A dance, she's beautiful, she's perfect, but you don't feel anything, you don't vibrate.

* You watch Miss B, she may not be as perfect, but her dance moves you. You dance along with her.


What is assessed by the artistic jury is the dancer's ability to invest herself in her dance to the point of transmitting her emotion.

2) - Match between text and choreography (only for the Aparima/Mehura category).

Scored out of 10

The artistic jury also assesses the correspondence between the text of the song and the interpretation given. See post on the criteria for the Aparima/Mehura category


The artistic jury's task is to evaluate the two criteria without taking into account the technical level of the candidates.

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