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WHICH CRITERIA, EXACTLY, WILL THE TECHNICAL JURY NOTE For the Aparima Tane & Mehura Vahine category

Dernière mise à jour : 3 juil.

** General aparima dance technique : Rated out of 10

What do we mean by technique in the category ?

It's the quality of the execution of your steps.

It's the cleanliness of the movement.

Here, the judges will assess whether you have assimilated the mechanics of the steps you chose to express the song.

It's also about the ease and dexterity with which you execute your steps.

It's the fluidity of your movement. (Fluidity does not mean speed, especially in Mehura).**

** General presentation. Rated Out of 5

How should we understand this criterion?

We'd say it's the general impression given by your performance:

- Are you at ease?

- Do you feel at your best?

- Is your energy really there when you dance?

- The costume is not noted, but the way you appear matters, implicitly. So feel beautiful, feel good about yourself!

- .........And don't hesitate to redo your video if necessary.

** The match between the text of the song and your interpretation of it through your dance. Rated out of 10

What exactly is it about? There are two things:

- The match between the words and the movements.

We give you a translation of the songs as close as possible to the words. These are not literary translations, but almost literal.

. This is so that you can isolate the important words and ideas in each sentence. Then you'll express them through the gestures of your dance.

- Steps and general movement

Next, use your steps and the general movement of your choreography to complete your interpretation of the song.

An Aparima or a Mehura is like an explanation of a text. When you watch the dance, you can "read" the text.

** The originality of your choreography). Scored out of 10

What are we talking about here, for Aparima / Mehura?

Of course, each judge assesses creativity according to his or her own experience.

For the Aparima / Mehura, the creation is framed by the text of the song. But this

doesn't mean you can't be creative and imaginative in your interpretation of the song.

How do you feel about the message in the text? How do you express it with the dance ?

How does the melody move you?

How do you experience the music?

That's what the judges appreciate.

Keeping it simple is often a good idea. With your own style.

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