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Dernière mise à jour : 29 juin

Reminder: the technical jury is made up of three judges: Manouche Lehartel, Erena U'ura and Jean-Marie Biret.



Solo Otea Vahine

** General dance technique: marked out of 10

What is technique?

It's the quality of the execution of your steps.

It's the cleanliness of the movement.

Here the judges assess whether you've assimilated the mechanics of your steps.

It's also the ease and dexterity with which you execute your steps.

It's the fluidity of your movement. (Fluidity does not mean speed).


** The quality of the Fa'arapu   Marked out of 10

What exactly is the Fa'arapu?

The Fa'arapu is a step danced with the belly. You have to show it to the camera if you want to score points.

It's all about the fluidity of the step. It has to be executed smoothly, not necessarily at high speed.

A special post will be devoted to the Fa'arapu.


** The originality of your choreography (or your improvisation) marked out of 10.

What are we talking about here?

Each judge assesses creativity according to his or her own notion of creativity. But if you repeat "phrases" often used by others, any judge will see it.

The best thing here is to dance according to your intuition.


** The general presentation. Marked out of 5

How should we understand this criterion?

We'd say it's the general impression given by your performance:

- Are you comfortable?

- Do you feel at your best?

- Is your energy really there when you dance?

- The costume is not graded, but the way you look matters, implicitly. So feel beautiful and, above all, at ease with yourself !!!!!


You can redo your video as many times as you like before submitting it. So you've got plenty of time to show yourself at your best.

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