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There are the general published results, and the individual results that each person receives personally.

General public results

-- The general ranking of the top five in the four categories:

- Otea Vahine solo and Mehura Vahine solo categories,

- Otea Tane solo and Aparima Tane solo categories.

-- The top five ranking for the Fa'arapu (the five best Fa'arapu)

-- Audience prize: It is the video with the most views during the challenge. **

The audience results are updated twice in the month following the announcement of the results. It is therefore possible to follow the evolution of the public rankings over time, during the two weeks of the challenge, and over the following four weeks.

** A future post will look at the results based on the public's reaction.

The individual results obtained by each candidate:

- Results that we sent automatically:

Average score obtained for each criterion

For the technical jury criteria

For the artistic jury criteria

- Results sent on request

These are the results that are not published or sent automatically, but that you can request, if you wish:

*Your ranking in Fa'arapu or your ranking in Paoti.

*Your (expression) emotional transmission ranking.

*Your overall ranking, if you're not in the top five.

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