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What is a 'new talent' of the 'Ori Tahiti' at Heiva Digital ?

This year the Heiva Digital is dedicated to new talent.

What is a"new talent ? Are you a new 'Ori Tahiti talent ? read this !

In the strict meaning of the rules of the dance competition, a new talent is the one who has never been awarded, who has never won a first prize in the final, in another international 'Ori Tahiti competition.

For Heiva Digital, an 'Ori Tahiti International Competition' is a Tahitian dance contest in which several judges are from Tahiti. It can be a national competition, but the judges belong to the Tahitian dance world, in Tahiti.

For us, being a new talent has nothing to do with age. You can be 20 years old and no more be a new talent, if your dancing skills have already led you to a podium.

You can be a senior and still be a new talent, if you have never been awarded yet, or if you never attempted a solo competition in 'Ori Tahiti.

If you have any questions on the subject of this post, don't hesitate! We look forward to hearing from you.

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